Wesco Drum Handler

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  • Model: 240150
  • Manufactured by: Wesco

Wesco Ergonomic Drum Handler

  • Model: DM-1100
  • Part number: 240150
  • Capacity
    • Legs retracted: 650 lbs
    • Legs extended: 1,100 lbs
  • Raise 55 gallon drums to 20" off floor
  • Rise per stroke: 1"
  • Swivel casters for easy movement and steering
  • Floor Lock
  • Patented design. US No. 6,619,905
  • Ergonomic solution for lifting, transporting, weighing and placing drums on spill or standard pallets.
  • Spring-loaded clamp holds any 3/16" or higher drum rim.
  • (2) wheels and (2) swivel casters, 5" x 2" phenolic, and floor lock.
  • Handles most 30, 55 or 85 gallon drums - Steel, Fiber and Poly.
  • Works with most drums with locking rings.
  • Operator does not need to touch drums to operate.
  • Exclusive auto grip lock will not drop a drum.

Revolutionary patent-pending design available only from Wesco. Wesco's exclusive auto grip lock automatically locks the grip jaws closed. Even over rough terrain, the Wesco Gator Grip maintains a positive lock. Why take chances with other brands when you can be sure with the Wesco Gator Grip.