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  • Model: LL-24-25-4450
  • Manufactured by: Lift Products

Lift Products Level Lift Tables
Model Capacity


Lowered Raised
LL-24-25-4450 2,500 lbs 44" x 50" 0.5" 24"
LL-24-30-4450 3,000 lbs 44" x 50" 0.5" 24"
LL-24-35-4450 3,500 lbs 44" x 50" 0.5" 24"
LL-24-40-4450 4,000 lbs 44" x 50" 0.5" 24"
LL-30-25-4450 2,500 lbs 44" x 50" 0.5" 30"
LL-30-30-4450 3,000 lbs 44" x 50" 0.5" 30"
LL-30-35-4450 3,500 lbs 44" x 50" 0.5" 30"
LL-30-40-4450 4,000 lbs 44" x 50" 0.5" 30"


Lift Products Level Lifter

The Level-Lifter ground entry platform lift table is a unique product for applications where a pit mounted lift table is required but not practical.
Thin side walls allow for easy access to the product being handled.
The Level-Lifter features an exclusive 4-point lift system which is ideal for handling unstable loads where deflection of the table top would be undesirable.
Loads can be adjusted to individual comfort level through the use of standard push button or optional foot control switch
Narrow sides allow easy access for load positioning.
Fully raised height of 24" or 30" allows for convenient work height

Photo eye to interrupt lowering in the event of an obstruction Platform of 1/2" plate steel and unique multipoint lift offers minimal deflection. Rear compartment houses a 1.5 HP motor, single stage cylinder, gear type pump, and a recessed 115 volt receptacle. Hydraulic velocity fuse and push button magnetic backed control box are standard. Limit switch for controlling upward maximum travel. Totally enclosed sides are only 2.5" wide. This eliminates excessive reaching for product and also acts as a barrier between the operator and moving platform. Portability. Align platform and pin to convert platform into a support for pallet jack Lip is beveled into platform a full 3" to allow for smooth entry even with a hand pallet truck.

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