Vestil Foot Pump Lifts

The SCTAB is a foot pump hydraulic scissor lift table designed as a stationary ergonomic work stage. Each lift table comes with a foot pump to raise the table and a foot operated valve for lowering. The deck is constructed of 10 gauge steel and will pivot up for easy maintenance. Safety features on the Vestil lift tables include an internal brass velocity fuse in the cylinder which prevents the lift from falling in the event of sudden loss of hydraulic pressure. A torsion bar is added for increased side-to-side stability. Table can be optionally equipped with either a remote A/C, D/C, Factory Air/Hydraulic Oil power unit or a manual two speed hydraulic foot pump. The SCTAB is constructed of steel and painted blue.

Model Capacity


Lowered Raised
SCTAB-400 400 lbs 17.5" x 27.5" 8.25" 29"
SCTAB-500 500 lbs

20" x 33"

6" 28"
SCTAB-750D 750 lbs 20" x 40" 7" 35"
SCTAB-800D 800 lbs 20" x 35.5" 13" 51"
SCTAB-1000 1,000 20" x 40" 8" 32"
SCTAB-2000 2,000 lbs 42" x 42" 8" 32"



Model: SCTAB-400 Platform Size: 17-1/2" x 27-1/2" Capacity: 400 lbs Raised height: 29" Lowered height: 8-1/4" Number of pumpt at...

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Model: SCTAB-800D Standard platform size: 20" x 35.5" Capacity: 800 lbs Lowered Height: 13" Raised height: 51" Manual foot pump...


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