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Jib Cranes

Frequently Asked Questions


Do we need a foundation for our crane?

Answer: Yes.
Typically all of our cranes require a cement foundation.

How are the cranes shipped?

Answer: Our cranes are either shipped via LTL-Common carriers if they can be palletized. Cranes that are not palletized must ship via Flat bed.

Can I mount my crane outdoors?

Answer: Yes.
Our standard units are designed for indoor use please consult the factory for non-standard outdoor units such as galvanized & stainless units.

Can I get a different color for my crane?

Answer: Yes.
Please consult factory for paint pricing.

Do you offer motorized cranes?

Answer: Yes.
We offer motorized floor mounted cranes please call 877-860-3620 for pricing

Why does my wall mounted crane drift by its self?

Answer: Please check the building column to make sure it can support the crane.