Powered Drum Pumps

Grovhac Powered Drum Pumps

Series Features
PF Series Designed for high flow/ low viscosity applications, these sealless units can handle most acids, caustics, chemicals and flammables (up to 500 cps).
TB Series This lightweight stainless steel pump is suitable for low viscosity, mild corrosives, solvents, and chemicals, up to 200 Cp with a maximum temperature of 150° F (66° C). Fits smaller bung openings. Rated for continuous duty.
TBP Series Light to medium viscosity drum pump constructed of pure polypropylene/PVDF, suitable for use with bleach, nitric acids, hydrochloric acids, and sulfuric acids, up to 200 Cp with a maximum temperature of 150° F (66°C)
TT Series Designed for semi-viscous liquids, the TT series drum pumps will handle most corrosives, flammables, sanitary and pure applications (up to 2,000 cps).
BT Series The BT series of drum pumps are designed for medium to high viscosity applications (up to 15,000 cps).
HVDP Series HVDP pumps are designed to efficiently transfer high viscosity materials (up to 100,000+ cps). A planetary gear set speed reducer allows these positive displacement / progressive cavity pumps to accept 800 watt universal, induction, or air motors, providing a pump that is lighter and easier to handle than our competitors'